You’ve reached a point in life where you’ve had to make a decision about replacing all your teeth. Maybe you haven’t been to the dentist in years, have suffered from aggressive periodontal (gum) disease, didn’t have dental insurance, or have always seemed to have “bad teeth,” and now is the time to finally start over from scratch. At the same time, you want to do everything possible to avoid getting dentures.

Sure, dentures are fast and effective, but they can also feel bulky, uncomfortable, and make it challenging to enjoy your food. Fortunately, many people can successful get dental implants to avoid getting dentures at all.

Comparing Dentures to Implants

With a denture, you wear a “plate” that covers all of your gums and the roof of your mouth, using suction between your tissues and the acrylic to keep it in place. Wearing it takes practice, as some people may have a sensitive gag reflex or have to work on developing new speaking patterns.

In contrast, requesting dental implants to avoid getting dentures is an option that mimics the look and feel of your natural teeth. Because implants become a permanent part of your smile, there’s no need to rely on a larger prosthesis that incorporates suction. Each crown, bridge, or even a hybrid denture design can attach permanently to your implants and free up the extra space in your mouth.

Will You Need an Implant for Each Missing Tooth?

If you think that you’ll need to get an individual dental implant for each tooth that’s missing, you’re in for quite a surprise! One of the best advantages of having dental implants to avoid getting dentures is that you may need as few as four implants to support a full arch restoration. Since implants are extremely durable, they can support even more weight than that of natural, healthy teeth.

Don’t settle for dentures if it’s not what you want. Ask to see a dental implant dentist to find out if there’s a better solution for the long-term success of your smile!