If you wear dentures or are thinking about getting them in the future, you may be pleased to learn that these traditional prosthetics can be combined with modern dental implants for added comfort and stability. But what is it about dentures with implants that allows them to work as such?

Dental Implant Supported Overdentures

In an “overdenture” type of situation, you wear a conventional full denture as normal. But underneath, there are locators fitted into the plate, which are made to snap or clip on top of the dental implants in your mouth.

Each of these implants is strategically located so as to add security to your removable prosthesis, preventing it from rocking, slipping, or shifting when you talk and eat.

Because of this type of design, only 2-4 implants may be necessary. Overdentures with implants are an affordable solution for patients looking for a happy medium between full arch dental implants and a conventional denture that relies on suction to stay in place.

Depending on your situation, it may be possible for a dentist to retrofit your dentures with implants (as long as your mouth is healthy, and the denture is in good shape.)

Permanently Anchored Implant Dentures

To take things a step further, it’s an option to have permanently secured dentures with implants, so that nothing comes in and out at the end of the day. In fact, this type of dentures with implants is more like an extended or “hybrid” bridge design; it follows the contour of your jaw, only where the teeth are. There’s no bulky acrylic plate to rest against the top of your mouth or metal clips to secure it.

Most permanent implant dentures will need a minimum of four implants, or anywhere up to six. The number you require will depend on your oral anatomy.

How to Get Started

Before settling on either one, it’s best to take your existing denture(s) with you to see an implant dentist about which options are available. If you have upcoming extractions planned, talk through all of your options first.