What’s the Difference Between
Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants?

If you’ve been researching the different types of dental implants, you’ve likely seen information on the most popular modern designs: traditional and mini. But what’s the primary difference between dental implants and mini dental implants?

Traditional Implants are About theSameSize of a Tooth

A conventional implant is made to mirror the function of your natural teeth. To do so, the implant itself is about the same size as a tooth root.

Mini Implants: Fit in Areas with Minimal Bone or Space

When you don’t have enough bone to support a full-size implant, or teeth have shifted leaving only a small space, then a smaller mini dental implant can usually fit just fine. Mini dental implants are about half the length and width of their conventional counterparts.

Length of Procedure and Recovery Time

Depending on your health, number of missing teeth, and the resources of your implant provider, getting traditional dental implants can range from a same day, to a period of 3-6 months to complete. But mini dental implants are even less invasive, allowing them to be placed and restored (usually) in just one day.


In most cases, one of the biggest differences between dental implants and mini dental implants is how much they cost. Because of material and labor, investing in mini dental implants tends to be more affordable.

What They’re Used For

One of the final factors to keep in mind when determining which type of implant to use, is what you need it for. A full-sized implant can support restorations such as:

•Single tooth porcelain crowns
•Multi-tooth bridges
•Full arch dentures or hybrid bridges
•Removable dentures

But mini dental implants are a bit more restrictive. Their limited depth means the weight they bear isn’t quite that of conventional methods. However, they are very useful for supporting a single porcelain crown on a non-load-bearing tooth as well as securing removable overdentures.

To find out whether a conventional dental implant or mini dental implant is right for you, speak with an experienced implant provider in your area.