Dental implants haven’t always been the prime option for replacing missing teeth. When you look at the history of dental implants, they were actually quite scary or even barbaric at times.

Ancient Dental Implants

Around the world, different civilizations have been using make-shift dental implants for centuries. Some artifacts show items such as shells being wedged into the mouth, or bone that was carved down. Teeth were also taken from animals, or carved from metals and then wired into the mouth.

Trading Teeth

Throughout history, it isn’t uncommon to see situations where people of lesser financial means sold their teeth to people in higher classes, so that they could be inserted into the socket of a tooth that was missing or had to be extracted. Of course, such situations often resulted in infection or were not usually successful over the long term.

Just a Few Decades Ago…

As surgical grade dental implants were beginning to be developed, they were nothing like the types we see today. Rather than being cylindrical and similar to a natural tooth in size, the implants involved large pieces of wire mesh or metallic bars that were surgically placed within the jaw, requiring quiet invasive surgery. Looking at the X-rays alone was often enough to discourage many people from considering this type of tooth replacement option.

Today’s Modern Dental Implants

The dental implants of today are regarded as the gold standard in modern tooth replacement. Each one is minimally invasive to the bone, made from biocompatible material that stimulates osseointegration (new bone fusing with the implant) and non-invasive to other teeth around it. The design is cylindrical and about the length of natural teeth, allowing it to rest directly inside of the bone where the tooth is missing.

When well cared for, today’s implants can last for the rest of your life. If you’ve ever worried about whether or not they’re safe, modern dental implants have revolutionized the way dentists are helping their patients replace missing teeth.