Looking for a great way to replace your missing tooth? With mini dental implants, a dental implant dentist can place single crowns or secure a removable overdenture, for added stability and comfort throughout the day.

Mini implants are made of hypoallergenic materials that bond with your bone, fusing them into place. A small portion extends above the gumline, which is what’s used to secure your fixed restoration. In some cases, an existing denture can even be retrofitted to snap onto a set of 2-4 mini implants to help it fit better.

A Simple, Same Day Procedure

With conventional dental implants the treatment process can require multiple appointments over an extended period of time. That’s because they take up more space and have a larger surgical area that needs to heal.

Fortunately, mini dental implants can be placed in just one appointment and ready to support a denture or crown on the very same day. They’re secure, reliable, and a comfortable procedure to have completed! Only local anesthetic is needed, so you’ll feel just as comfortable as you would as if you were visiting the dentist for a simple filling!

What’s the Difference? Explaining Mini Dental Implants

Patients interested in mini dental implants can enjoy a faster, more efficient alternative to lengthy dental implant treatments. Compared to traditional implant designs, a mini implant is nearly less than half the length and circumference of the conventional model.

Because mini implants are smaller, we can place them in areas with less bone or space, where a larger implant won’t fit.

If you’ve been told that dental implants aren’t an option for you, then it’s time to ask about mini dental implants. Contact a dental implant dentist near you and find out if you are a candidate for mini dental implants.